Complete Guide to Grab Hire

When it comes to grab hire, it is not uncommon to have questions, which is why we at Dave Head & Sons Grab Hire have put together this grab hire guide to hopefully provide you with all the information you need.

What is Grab Hire?

Grab hire is essentially the hiring of a vehicle otherwise known as a grab lorry. The grab lorry is similar to a skip in that it allows large amounts of material, typically from construction or landscaping projects, to be collected or deposited.  

However, unlike with a skip, grab hire will often include a fully licensed grab lorry operator to drive the vehicle and move material with the vehicle’s grab arm. What’s more, unlike a skip, a grab lorry is on wheels, making moving around on-site a much more straightforward undertaking.

Here at Dave Head & Sons Grab Hire, our trucks comprise of a main cabin with a high-capacity bed fixed to the rig, which has a moveable grab arm attached.

When to Hire a Grab Lorry?

Typically, the best time to hire a grab lorry is when you require large amounts of material or waste moved from a site. The large bed of the grab lorry allows it to carry a considerable amount, ensuring fewer journeys than other similar methods, with the average grab lorry able to transport 18 tonnes of material. Grab lorries are commonly used for home or garden renovations as well as on large building construction sites. 

What Materials Can I Move with a Grab Lorry?

One of the biggest benefits of grab hire is the opportunity to transport a wide variety of materials. Debris, including bricks, green waste, hardcore, soil and other non-hazardous waste, can all be recycled quite straightforwardly. There are also waste types that a grab lorry can remove but must deposit at a licensed waste disposal site – these include general and hazardous waste and rubble. However, not all waste is suitable for a grab hire lorry – asbestos, batteries, gas bottles, paint, oil and tyres must all be disposed of through a specialist service. 

Benefits of Grab Hire

There are several benefits of grab hire that makes it such a popular option. These benefits include: 

  • Less Work – Gone are the days when if you wanted material or waste moving, you had to do so with a shovel and a skip. With a grab lorry, the vehicle’s moveable arm can collect and deposit large amounts of material with ease when carried out by an experienced operator.
  • Quicker – Being able to transport large amounts in one go rather than multiple trips is always going to turn out to be a much quicker process – As an average grab lorry can typically hold three times as much as a traditional skip.
  • Better Access to Hard-to-Reach Places – Reaching and depositing hard to reach materials, such as those over the other side of a fence or in a ditch, can be hard work if being moved manually. However, with a grab lorry’s moveable grab arm, such obstructions are rarely an issue, as the truck can comfortably manoeuvre around to reach.
  • Cost-Effective – When it comes to waste removal services, hiring a grab lorry is often one of the most affordable options available due to its straightforward and efficient process.
  • Environmental Impact – The days of discarding waste in any way necessary without a second thought of where it ended up are today long gone. However, with the negative environmental impacts now much more widely known, grab lorries methods of collecting and recycling waste make them one of the more environmentally friendly options when clearing a construction site.
  • No Permit – When hiring a skip, you may be required to apply for a permit depending on where you place it. The additional paperwork associated with this, as well as the costs, can often be a hassle to organise. Though with a grab lorry, this is not an issue as no permit is required to park it.

We hope our Complete Guide to Grab Hire has provided you with a clearer understanding, as well as the benefits, of grab hire.

At Dave Head & Sons, we provide a professional and reliable grab lorry service in Hertfordshire and across the Southeast of England. We work with domestic customers and commercial clients alike to provide dependable grab lorries with an experienced operator and driver. To speak with a friendly member of our team today about your grab requirements, give us a call on 07879 481 490. Alternatively, you can contact us by email at